What does COVID-19 look like in Sierra Leone, a country that has successfully dealt with ebola?

Gwen talks to Ismail Rashid about COVID-19 in Sierra Leone, and how Sierra Leoneans’ experience with ebola has shaped their response to this pandemic. Ismail Rashid grew up in Freetown, Sierra Leone and has been teaching history at Vassar College since 1998. His many publications include Understanding West Africa’s Ebola Epidemic: Towards a Political Economy (2017) (with Ibrahim Abdullah),

Prof Ismail O. D. Rashid
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  1. Thank you, Prof. Rashid for giving a clearer picture of the situation in Sierra Leone, in this interview.

    Your insight is remarkable.

    I like the distinction between sensitization of the public and the existence of societal conditions which lend support to the practice of the message.

    Your comparison of COVID-19 and Ebola viruses, in the context of Sierra Leone, is illuminating too.

    I am sure your observations, used properly, will help facilitate the fight against COVID-19 in Sierra Leone.

    ~ AC Roberts.

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