Amandla Declaration Against Systemic Racism

We at Amandla are committed to the PanAfricanist, socialist liberation of Africa and all her people. The systemic racism so evident on Indigenous Lands but commonly known as Quebec, Canada and the United States of America is profoundly rooted in 600 years of colonialism that also contributed to the enslavement and exploitation of Africa’s people. Amandla has always stood with the people of Africa and their descendants in the diaspora as well as with all other people dispossessed by colonial racism. 

Systemic racism is defined as “racism that is embedded as normal practice within society or an organisation.” It can lead to such issues as discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power and education, among other issues, and has underpinned the decimation of the Indigenous peoples of this continent and left the remnant survivors landless, impoverished and bearing the scars of cultural genocide.

The poverty, abuse and exclusion facing Blacks and other peoples of colour is the result of ideologies evolved to justify their enslavement and removal from their homelands to be exploited for the economic profit of Europeans and their colonial ruling classes. The barbaric policing of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour which has led to the massive wave of protests of June 2020 is deeply rooted in the colonial occupation which has (but not always) been enforced by raw military force.

The earliest French occupiers used military force to take the land from its original inhabitants and guardians and pitted Indigenous peoples against each other in order to extend their rule and exploitation of the land and its people. The British Confederation that restructured colonial Canada consolidated the occupation of the land and extended the dispossession to the people of northern and western Kanata (Canada). The North West Mounted Police, which eventually evolved into the RCMP, was created to enforce the dispossession of the Indigenous and Metis peoples with brutal military force. That same force today carries out this same mandate to impose corporate exploitation of extractive resources and uses overwhelming raw force when faced with Indigenous resistance.

We demand that the deeply entrenched systemic racism in Quebec, our province of residence, be exposed, denounced and brought to an end. Truth and reconciliation is premised on the truth being acknowledged and the wrong-doers acting on that acknowledgement by politically, morally and materially reimbursing the displaced, dispossessed and exploited people.

We unreservedly support the protest against police brutality and the racism that underlies their conduct.

Police should be accountable to all community members. We support the defunding campaign, with a profound cut to police budgets and a reduction in the size of the police force, with a redirection of those resources to health and social services, subsidized housing and other initiatives to empower marginalized members of society. We stand in solidarity with the broad-based, multi-generational and multi-ethnic presence that has been manifest at the protests.

Amandla Radio CKUT

July 2020

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