Montréal artists contribute works to raise money for Guineans United for Status

Stefan Christoff
©POP Montreal

Stefan Christoff is a Montreal activist with a deep commitment to mobilizing solidarity around Guineans in Montreal and beyond who are fighting deportation and forced detention. Gwen spoke to Stefan about his current Community Art Fundraiser in support of Guineans United for Status. Below is information about the fundraiser and the art available for sale.  

Stefan’s Interview with Gwen

Community art fundraiser

For the Statut pour les guinéens campaign

2020, Montréal.

This community initiative aims to raise funds for the Guinean community campaign to fight against deportations, forced detention and for the status of Guinean asylum seekers living in Montreal and beyond.
Given that a live, in-person community art sale, within a physical space, can’t take place as usual during this time of pandemic, this art sale will be based on personal delivery.
A group of excellent Montreal artists are contributing to the project. The next days few days will feature the first round of prints by Amanda Ruiz, Sarah Mangle, Nadia Moss, Freda Guttman, Mazen Chamseddine, Shota Yokose, Luke Loseth (Holobody), Catherine Debard (YlangYlang), who are contributing art for this first push.
Basically the way that this works is if you are interested in the specific print we can be in touch, you send the funds electronically and I deliver the print, or post it by mail if possible, given size restrictions and also postal restrictions during this time of pandemic.
Please fell free to post and share this initiative. The Guinean community campaign takes place with support from the Immigrant Workers Centre and also as part of the larger struggle for the #StatusForAll campaign, supported by Solidarité sans frontière/Solidarity across border/Solidaridad sin frontera and many other organizations, groups and individuals.
Thank you for considering friends, love and respect.
Stefan Spirodon Christoff.

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